FIFA 18 in the test: Great overall package with nice innovations

The gameplay of FIFA 18 should actually be slower or closer to reality. The test shows: puff cake! If that's still fun, read here at fifa 18 free coins hack page.


Before the test for fifa 18 free points! , a demo made the rounds. In it, the speed of play was significantly reduced in comparison with FIFA 17. That pleased many players well. In the finished game you have to adjust the game speed but yourself, because if you leave it at the default settings, then it will be fast. Quite fast.

FIFA 18 in the test: the innovations

So let's take the default settings. Let's leave it, we hunt from one side of the field to the other, the midfield is marginalized and mostly overrun. Therefore, it is recommended to slow down the game speed easily. By the way, the weaknesses of the goalkeepers will not come to fruition - more on that later. Please do not misunderstand, FIFAClick here for matching products on! 18 is also fun with default settings, but it gets better if you take away the "speed" from the players.

FIFA 18 in the test

Both the defensive and the offensive have been revised. On the defensive it is even more important to the right timing. If you want to drain the ball from onrushing players coin master free coins, you have to press the Tackling button at the right moment. Otherwise, one stabs into the void and misses the intervention at the decisive moment. The defense is now a bit more demanding than before. In the offensive, we are happy about really successful pass combinations. This is possible because the AI ​​is more effective in finding and offering free spaces.

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